Side Dude IT

Welcome to the public helpdesk Side Dude I.T. open 24/7. Our concierge tech service was designed especially for you to have access to solutions and excellent customer service.


Whether you have a service provider and need a second opinion or one-time service, we can assist you without the hold time.





You will meet a technical team with various experience, but our #1 concern is excellent service. Our customers are either newbies, no matter your age, or skilled entrepreneurs who simply don't have take for technical issues. We focus on those who know that they want to get fromPOint A to Point Z, even if they say it just like that. We offer coaching services, too. No judgement here.


We know tech jargon, but we talk to people not robots. Welcome home!




We are not keeping score. We want to help. Today may be our lucky day to serve you, but we are probably "not your main tech" especially if you found us like that on Facebook. And that is totally ok. We have one-timer services. We're here when you need us, especially for second opinions or high call volume with your main tech.Packages are available for long term projects, but no pressure. 


Whether we serve you once or long term, you are special.


You will find that you're invited into our humble abode. Feel free to put your feet up because you're home. Enter a helpdesk ticket for free. We'll review and assist you remotely by resolving it by phone, chat, or email. Where else can you get help for all your devices or software? Buy it from us or whomever, we will help or help direct you.


We are for you!

About us

Welcome to the vision and efforts of the creative and technical entrepreneur Ayesha Sanders, It was birth with the intention to serve and empower people who claim they are not technical or simply do not have enough to solve their tech problems. 


A problem solver, coach, and motivator brings Side Dude I.T. to life for the average person who needs a service plan for all tech devices when their main tech is away. We look to fulfill on-time service calls and establish a relationship when you can't find quite what you're looking for else. 


Side Dude I.T. is the concierge tech service of NC Essentials. It is for guests, one-time clients who are looking for support when their primary tech support is unavailable. Our services are used as backup support; used even on a last minute basis for quicker turnaround.

  • Services included, but not limited: accounts setup; 'how to' software training, liaison, tech buyer, second opinion recommendations, research, technical writing, excerpt for training manuals, remote troubleshooting, website outlining, launching, or initial building, upgrading advisor, tech supplier.
  • Projects requiring project management and long term support can scheduled with us.